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13.05.2024 | Tech and Business News

Hearts Beat Higher in Berlin’s New SHED

MP Thomas Heilmann (CDU), District Mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) opened the new TechLab site in Berlin with 1KOMMA5° CTO Barbara Wittenberg and CEO Philipp Schröder.

Opening the new 1KOMMA5° TechLab site in Berlin – © 1KOMMA5°

The cleantech company 1KOMMA5° has 75 locations with around 2,000 employees in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, and Australia. As a start-up, it acquires companies in the electrical sector specializing in photovoltaics, charging infrastructure and heat pumps and offers these companies the use of its own software solutions as well as growth capital and a stake in 1KOMMA5°. 1KOMMA5° has now opened a new research and development center in Berlin called TechLab, as announced in the press release. Here, 200 new staff, especially developers, will work on the company’s ‘Heartbeat’ energy platform and other AI-based applications to optimize economic efficiency in the electricity market. 1Komma5° is currently developing from a solar start-up into the leading energy platform for CO2-neutral power generation, heat and mobility, says 1Komma5° CTO Barbara Wittenberg: “With the new location, which also includes test laboratories, we are ideally positioned for this complex business environment in order to continuously optimize our existing products and ultimately always be able to provide customers with the cheapest and cleanest electricity.” 

Located next to the canal that flows past Berlin’s central Neukölln district, the TechLab is part of the SHED building ensemble. SHED, part of the ‘Neue Ufer’ (“new shores”) urban development site, offers its tenants 35,000 square meters of ultra-modern and sustainable office space that satisfies most ‘new work’ needs.

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