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26.10.2023 | Tech and Business News

Values-based AI-driven Headhunting

The founders of headhunting tool Empion Dr. Annika von Mutius and Dr. Larissa Leitner

Impressive: Empion founders Dr. Annika von Mutius and Dr. Larissa Leitner – © Empion / Patrycia Lukas

Less than two years ago Empion gained €2.4M in pre-seed. Now founder team Dr. Annika von Mutius and Dr. Larissa Leitner have announced a successful seed-funding of €6M, as starting-up reports. Mutius and Leitner met while working on their PhDs in mathematics and economics, so they had the expertise to develop the algorithm for their AI-based headhunting tool themselves. Their skills have impressed various venture capital funds, including the Berlin-based investor Cavalry Ventures. The job-hunting tool for candidates and companies focuses on a culture assessment, asking for preferences along eight value scales, such as a competitive working environment versus a harmonious one. The benefit for hiring companies is finding people who fit better into the team and therefore stay longer. “The use of AI in recruiting is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, we can already demonstrate massive gains in efficiency and quality. Intelligent matching through AI will fundamentally change recruiting in the coming years,” says Mutius.

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