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08.02.2022 | Tech and Business News

€100 M For Smart Banking Vivid Money

Berlin startup Vivid Money is now valued at €775 m after a new financing round, as T3N reports. Half a million people in Germany, France, Spain and Italy have already signed up to the finance platform, and the company wants more. Their app is to be expanded, with more than just banking features. Invest in shares, funds, and other financial products, even crypto currencies, straight out of your Vivid app – that’s the idea founders Artem Iamanov and Alexander Emeshev are pursuing. They are also planning a sort of super-forum within the app for the Vivid user community. With all these rich features, Vivid intends to give neobanks like N26 and Revolut, brokers such as Trade Republic and Nuri (formerly Bitwala), as well as traditional direct banks a run for their money.

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