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29.04.2024 | Tech and Business News

Keeping Energy Sustainably

Terra One co-founders Tony Schumacher and Thomas Antonioli

Two down to earth founders: Tony Schumacher and Thomas Antonioli of Terra One – © Terra One

Berlin-based startup Terra One has secured $7.5M in a seed round, as vestbee reports. Terra One provides large-scale batteries for energy storage for the grid. Not only does Terra One handle the installation, operation, and maintenance of a battery system, say in conjunction with wind turbines, but they offer landowners the opportunity to generate passive income too. A proprietary software automatically trades the energy stored in the batteries on the German and European power exchanges EEX and EPEX. Furthermore, Terra One collaborates with municipalities to develop customized solutions that align with community needs and electricity grid requirements. The startup was founded in 2022 by Tony Schumacher and Thomas Antonioli. The funding round was led by PT1, a Berlin-based venture capital firm specialized in pre-seed and seed investments in transformative technologies related to real assets such as infrastructure and energy.

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