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20.02.2023 | Tech and Business News

Learning Together: Edtech TikTok Knowunity

From Gen X for Gen Z – pushing education into the 21st century

Benedict Kurz, CEO of Knowunity – © Knowunity

TikTok for school, that’s Knowunity, the app where “zoomer” pupils and students help each other to learn for tests. Be it Maths, English, History, Chemistry, or Biology, cramming for exams has rarely been as much fun. As a “knower” (or know it all?) you can upload your notes or presentations for others to revise from. The most popular knowers have upwards of 200K followers on the platform, according to cofounder Benedict Kurz, and these receive “pocket money” payouts. Thankfully, Knowunity currently at least puts all uploaded content through a manual check. Projekt A ventures and Fox & Sheep’s Verena Pausder have now been joined by international VCs in a €9M series A extension of last year’s €10M round, as sifted reports. The peer-to-peer learning app intends to use their new “pocket money” for expansion to the US.

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