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13.11.2023 | Tech and Business News

Making AI Code Easier To Observe

Langfuse founders Clemens Rawert, Marc Klingen, and Max Deichmann

Langfuse boys “shipping” from the improvised office at an Airbnb in San Francisco. – © Langfuse

Programmers and tech startups making applications using large language models (LLM) or generative AI should be excited about Langfuse, because their aim is to provide simple and effective observability and analytics for such apps, helping to improve quality of the code and cut costs in the time-consuming process of debugging new software. If latency, database queries, or API calls excite you, check out Langfuse’s open source SDK (software development kit). Langfuse has just announced a $4M seed round from La Famiglia as well as international investment funds. Langfuse is based in Berlin, but the young engineers Clemens Rawert, Marc Klingen, and Max Deichmann are not averse to working from home or an airbnb in San Francisco.

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