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13.11.2023 | Tech and Business News

Skintech Tells You Which Moisturizer Is Best For You

Experienced entrepreneurs Maria-Liisa Bruckert and Martin Pentenrieder, founders of Iqonic

From Sqin to Iqonic – founders Maria-Liisa Bruckert and Martin Pentenrieder – © Iqonic

Do you use skin moisturizer? How many brands did you try before you found the one you like best? Now your webcam can take a picture of your face, and AI will determine your skin’s type and vitamin level and suggest the right product for you. It will even recognize potential health issues and recommend you see a dermatologist if necessary. The technology has been developed by Berlin startup Iqonic (formerly Sqin), who managed the remarkable feat of becoming profitable less than a year after founding. Their customers are cosmetic brands, who implement their tech as a SaaS solution within their own websites and other offerings. Startbase reports that after pre-seed funding from APX, founders Maria-Liisa Bruckert and Martin Pentenrieder have just completed a seed round with an undisclosed seven-figure sum. Since they already have their first US customer, the new money will be used to expand in North America. Furthermore, Iqonic is moving up into hair. “We offer an analysis of hair type and density," says Pentenrieder [editor's note: “you don’t need AI for that in my case”]. Sales in the hair care sector in Germany alone are over €3B a year. Next to skintech, the founders include keynotes, entrepreneurial masterclasses and coachings in their business model. You can try out a version of the skin analysis tool here.

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