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Where Berlin feels British

If Brexit has you making escape plans but you fear the culture shock, then Berlin is the perfect place for you. If, like a lot of Brits, you’re stubbornly monolingual, never fear; as well as a thriving expat and Anglosphere community, around 80% of Germans speak English, rising to 95% of the under-30s. Or maybe you’re just going to miss the comforts of a good cuppa and decent chippie? Again, Berlin has you covered. Here are some of our favourite places in the city that show Berlin is really a home away from home.

Home Comforts

Here’s a map stating even more Brit locations. Still on the fence about it? With help at hand to guide you gently through the transition, every step of the way, there’s really no excuse! So come on, get your skates on!

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